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Why a Lighting Designer Should Install Your Luminii Lighting


A Professional’s Touch for Smart Lighting Design 

Is it time to take your home’s lighting seriously? Rather than throw together random lamps and light bulbs, you can brilliantly illuminate your home like a luxury hotel or five-star restaurant. 

How? Let us introduce you to Luminii lighting—an architectural lighting manufacturer known for its color-changing linear lights, LED light strips, backlighting, and other lighting products. 

Luminii Lighting is only available through certified dealers, and you’ll get the best experience when it’s installed by a professional lighting designer. In Austin, TX, AV Connect is your local Luminii installer. Here’s what we can offer your home’s lighting. 

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Intelligent Lighting with AV Connect

A modern bathroom illuminated by purple and white lighting in a Lutron system.

Get the Best Results from Smart Lighting Control 

While DIY smart bulbs may seem like an easy way to get smart lighting, it’s far from the best solution. If you want to synchronize lights across your house with infinite color, scheduling, and remote control possibilities, you’d be better off with a Lutron lighting control system.  

Lutron is one of the most sophisticated, smartest lighting systems on the market, offering unlimited customization. To unlock the full potential of a Lutron lighting control system, you should enlist the expertise of a professional lighting designer and installer. 

Here’s why a professional lighting company (like our team at AV Connect in Austin) should install your smart lighting system.  

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