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Why a Lighting Designer Should Install Your Luminii Lighting


A Professional’s Touch for Smart Lighting Design 

Is it time to take your home’s lighting seriously? Rather than throw together random lamps and light bulbs, you can brilliantly illuminate your home like a luxury hotel or five-star restaurant. 

How? Let us introduce you to Luminii lighting—an architectural lighting manufacturer known for its color-changing linear lights, LED light strips, backlighting, and other lighting products. 

Luminii Lighting is only available through certified dealers, and you’ll get the best experience when it’s installed by a professional lighting designer. In Austin, TX, AV Connect is your local Luminii installer. Here’s what we can offer your home’s lighting. 

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What Is Luminii? 

Founded in 2010, Luminii is an architectural lighting manufacturer that creates premium, highly customizable lighting products, including linear lights, LED light strips, recessed downlights, backlighting, decorative pendants, and more. 

Luminii’s LED solutions have been installed in some of the world’s most famous hotels, restaurants, historic buildings, and luxury retailers. Its customizable lighting technology makes Luminii a top choice for lighting designers and home builders around the world. 

Why Hire a Professional to Install Luminii? 

A lighting designer, like our team at AV Connect, understands how to strategically apply lighting solutions to enhance the human experience inside your home. Lighting design carefully considers each light’s size, brightness, color temperature, and application and how that all influences the atmosphere in a space. 

For instance, rather than install a ceiling fan light in the center of the room, a lighting designer plays with ambient, task, and accent lighting to add depth and intrigue. We’ll assess how you’ll use the dining room, office, kitchen, and more and will create a lighting design that can accommodate those activities. Plus, we’ll integrate all your Luminii lights into a centralized control system that allows you to remotely adjust lights and set them to a schedule.  

Discover Luminii Lighting in Austin 

Ready for better home lighting? Contact AV Connect to start your lighting design and explore Luminii lighting today

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