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Intelligent Lighting with AV Connect

A modern bathroom illuminated by purple and white lighting in a Lutron system.

Get the Best Results from Smart Lighting Control 

While DIY smart bulbs may seem like an easy way to get smart lighting, it’s far from the best solution. If you want to synchronize lights across your house with infinite color, scheduling, and remote control possibilities, you’d be better off with a Lutron lighting control system.  

Lutron is one of the most sophisticated, smartest lighting systems on the market, offering unlimited customization. To unlock the full potential of a Lutron lighting control system, you should enlist the expertise of a professional lighting designer and installer. 

Here’s why a professional lighting company (like our team at AV Connect in Austin) should install your smart lighting system.  

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1. Layered Lighting Possibilities

One strength of professional lighting design is the artful layering of lighting in a space. This approach strategically places different light sources to achieve depth and texture through ambient, task, and accent lighting.  

This not only makes your home more inviting but also provides flexibility, as you can adjust each layer independently to suit different occasions. As your Lutron lighting installer, we can program smart scenes like “Dinner” or “Entertain” that add or remove layers to craft the perfect mood. 

2. Beautify Your Home 

A lighting design considers your home's unique features, including architectural elements and furnishings. By accentuating these aspects with the right light fixtures, we can help you create a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere. Then, you can tailor smart LEDs through the Lutron system to adjust the color and brightness.

3. Replace Switches with Stylish Controls  

Lighting design is all about aesthetics, and that extends to controls, too. Your lighting installer can consolidate on/off switches into attractive wall keypads with customized buttons like “Morning,” “Night, or “Away.” Wall-mounted touch screens will display the modern, intuitive Lutron interface with pages for each room in the house. 

4. Provide Premium Ketra Lighting Solutions 

As a certified Lutron dealer, we have exclusive access to its Ketra smart lighting fixtures, which are only available through authorized dealers. Ketra’s tunable LED lights offer limitless possibilities, including 16 million colors and dimming down to 0.1 percent. Put simply, Ketra is the ultimate smart lighting brand on the market today. If you imagine a specific look or atmosphere for your home, Ketra can make that happen. 

Discover Lutron & Lighting Design in Austin 

Ready to see your Austin home in its best light? Contact AV Connect to start your smart lighting installation today! 

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