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Manual Blinds or Automated? Lutron Makes It Simple to Choose

man lounging on a couch next to a Lutron pico remote on a coffee table. Automated blinds are lowered in the background.

AV Connect Brings Stunning Shading Solutions to Austin Homes

The sun’s warming rays and natural illumination are a welcome sight in any room, but there are times when it’s just too hot to handle, especially in Texas!

Incorporating Lutron automated blinds and shades lets you manage window treatments individually, as a group, or throughout the entire house with a simple button tap or prescheduled automation.

North Austin homeowners are opting for motorized instead of manual window treatments—the article below explains why.

Crestron Home OS4 Takes Home Automation to the Next Level

A man using a smartphone to control his smart home system in Austin, Texas, with the Crestron Home app visible.

Crestron Home Offers a Streamlined and Refined Smart Home Experience

As a longtime pioneer in home and commercial automation, Crestron has always led the way in smart home technology. With the latest Crestron Home OS4, they have raised the bar in seamless smart home living. As a top Crestron installer in Austin, we’re pleased to offer this latest update for Central Texas homes. Explore the details below! 

Your Essential Guide to Pre-Wiring


Powering Austin's Commercial Spaces with AV Connect

Let’s dive deep into the heart of your Texas business. Whether you manage a bustling bar or a solemn sanctuary, preparing your business for success with structured cabling is vital! It is the behind-the-scenes workhorse that runs all of the necessary technology components that keep you operational day in and day out. 

Pre-wiring is a strategic process during the construction or renovation phase, and it involves installing cabling infrastructure before the final elements, like walls and ceilings. Planning for audio, video, data, phone, and surveillance systems early in a project is more cost-effective and less disruptive than wiring after completing construction.

Below, we explore how pre-wiring is indispensable in setting up Austin-area commercial spaces in various industries.

Upgrade Your Austin Home with Professional Home Networking Solutions

A family enjoys fast home networking in Austin, with a mother and daughter using a tablet and a father on a laptop in the background.

Stay Connected to Your Digital Lifestyle with Expert Design and Installation

In today’s hyper-connected world, a robust home networking solution isn't just a luxury—it's essential for a seamless digital lifestyle. Whether streaming your favorite Austin musicians or managing a smart home system, the foundation of reliable connectivity is laid with professionally designed and installed home networks. Let's explore why Texas homeowners are choosing expert setups to stay flawlessly connected to everything in their digital world.

Central Texan Homeowners Love Outdoor Speaker Systems


Experience Rugged, Premium Audio from Coastal Source Speakers

It’s the perfect time of year in Austin. The weather is getting warmer—but not too hot yet—and spending time on the back patio soaking in the sun’s rays is one of the most enjoyable things to do. While you’re out there, why not add a soundtrack to your barbecues, pool hangouts, and parties? With a premium outdoor speaker system from AV Connect, you can.

Below, we dive into one of our clients’ favorite speaker brands, Coastal Source, so keep reading!

Should You Go With a Professional Outdoor Installation?


Enjoy High-Quality Visuals Even in Direct Sunlight 

Do you dream of a backyard that's more than just a backyard? Imagine an outdoor space that doubles as a cinema or the ultimate sports bar. With a professional outdoor TV installation, that dream is easy to achieve. These aren't your average TVs—they're designed to bring your favorite shows and games to life outdoors, no matter what weather Austin, TX, throws their way.

Only a Sonance Dealer Can Bring Invisible Sound to Your Home

 luxury kitchen with pendant and can lighting. Sonance Invisible Series speakers hide in plain sight.

We’re Elevating Austin Home Audio with the Power of Invisible Speakers

From rural life on the outskirts of town to dynamic downtown dwellings, the Austin area offers widespread charm no matter where you live! That’s why our team loves to bring unparalleled auditory experiences into unique living spaces that complement distinctive listening preferences. 

As a Sonance dealer, AV Connect can offer exclusive products for whole-home audio systems like the Sonance Invisible Series.

Keep reading to discover how we’re changing the tune of distributed home audio with Sonance.

Upgrading to High-End Audio Is a Must for Music Lovers

A modern home in Austin with large glass doors revealing a wooden bookshelf and a pair of high-end audio speakers.

Elevate Your Home Sound with Sonus Faber and JL Audio

Austin, Texas, bills itself as the live music capital of the world. In a city with many musicians and venues, many music enthusiasts want to bring that same feel of a live performance home. That's where a high-end audio system comes in, ushering in a different level of audio performance to home spaces. Stay with us below as we explore two great audiophile brands – Sonus Faber and JL Audio – that can transform your Austin home audio experience.

Top 5 Essentials of Minimalist Audio

James small aperture speakers in a wooden ceiling of a large dining space overlooking the outdoors

Embracing the Small Yet Mighty James Small Aperture Speakers

With a focus on high-quality audio in a minimalist form, small aperture speakers from James Loudspeaker promise to elevate the home audio experience while seamlessly blending with the chic interiors of Austin's finest homes. Let's delve into the top five features that make these speakers a must-have for anyone valuing both form and function in home audio.

3 Essential Qualities to Look for in a Dolby Atmos Installer


Selecting the Right Partner for the Best Immersive Surround Sound

In a city known for live music and a burgeoning tech scene, it's no surprise that a state-of-the-art home theater is a must-have for any Austin cinema enthusiast. Dolby Atmos, the latest in audio innovation, offers an immersive surround sound experience unlike any other. But to truly capitalize on its capabilities, selecting the right Dolby Atmos installer is crucial. Here, we outline three key qualities to look for in an installer, ensuring your home theater not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Let’s get started.

Why a Lighting Designer Should Install Your Luminii Lighting


A Professional’s Touch for Smart Lighting Design 

Is it time to take your home’s lighting seriously? Rather than throw together random lamps and light bulbs, you can brilliantly illuminate your home like a luxury hotel or five-star restaurant. 

How? Let us introduce you to Luminii lighting—an architectural lighting manufacturer known for its color-changing linear lights, LED light strips, backlighting, and other lighting products. 

Luminii Lighting is only available through certified dealers, and you’ll get the best experience when it’s installed by a professional lighting designer. In Austin, TX, AV Connect is your local Luminii installer. Here’s what we can offer your home’s lighting. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Multi-Channel Home Audio

Modern kitchen with a tablet on the countertop displaying a music playlist, a man in the background, and a woman holding a cup of tea.

Enjoy Your Favorite Music Anywhere in the House 

Imagine coming home from a long day at work. As you enter, you instantly pull up your favorite playlist, filling your space with high-quality sound that simultaneously seems to come from everywhere and nowhere. This is not just a dream—it's the reality with multi-channel home audio. Below, we outline why these systems are the perfect fit for your Austin, TX, home. 

3 Reasons to Trust Us With Your Smart Home Automation

A Control4 touchpad with a smart home interface is prominently displayed on a kitchen counter.

Enjoy Technology Integrated Into Your Home and Lifestyle 

Nestled in the scenic embrace of Austin, TX, your home is not just a dwelling but a statement of your lifestyle. It deserves a smart home automation system to be its modern-day maestro of luxury, convenience, and security, orchestrating your home's technology with a personalized touch. AV Connect, your local smart home specialist, transforms your living space with technology that responds to your every need. 

Intelligent Lighting with AV Connect

A modern bathroom illuminated by purple and white lighting in a Lutron system.

Get the Best Results from Smart Lighting Control 

While DIY smart bulbs may seem like an easy way to get smart lighting, it’s far from the best solution. If you want to synchronize lights across your house with infinite color, scheduling, and remote control possibilities, you’d be better off with a Lutron lighting control system.  

Lutron is one of the most sophisticated, smartest lighting systems on the market, offering unlimited customization. To unlock the full potential of a Lutron lighting control system, you should enlist the expertise of a professional lighting designer and installer. 

Here’s why a professional lighting company (like our team at AV Connect in Austin) should install your smart lighting system.  

How Customization Elevates Your Luxury Home Theater

Client’s showroom home theater setup with several floorstanding speakers, a single chair, and a screen featuring blue towers.

From Screens to Lighting, Explore What Goes Into Custom Home Theater Design

Have you ever dreamed of having a luxury home theater that perfectly mirrors your taste and lifestyle? If so, you're not alone. Many homeowners aspire to create a personalized entertainment space beyond the standard setup. Customization is the key to achieving this dream, adding aesthetic and functional value to your custom home theater. This blog highlights the essential steps to elevating your home theater experience.

5 Audio-Video Possibilities for Your Austin Home

An in-ceiling TV displaying a city skyline being lowered.

Discover Unique & Customized Home AV 

Are you ready to upgrade your home’s audio or video setup? Do you dream of something more than a regular TV or Bluetooth speaker? When you partner with an AV integrator like AV Connect, anything is possible. 

We don’t merely sell speakers or video displays—we install sophisticated, customized systems that blend seamlessly into your home’s interior. If you’re looking for something special or are simply curious about what we do, here are five ideas for an audio-video installation in your Austin home. 



The commercial world is always evolving, and this includes the increased need for superior audio-visual technology in conference rooms, bars, and houses of worship. At AV Connect, we make it our mission to keep abreast of the newest developments in the industry, so we're always ready to offer the best possible solutions to our clients.

In this blog, we'll examine the current trends in audio-visual technology for these specific environments and show how they can elevate the overall experience for users. With a focus on LED walls, we'll cover all bases. Let's get started!



Are you tired of watching movies or listening to music in your media room and feeling like you’re missing something? If so, you’re not alone. For years, homeowners have struggled with achieving high-quality audio in their media rooms. But with Dolby Atmos, the media room experience has been completely transformed. 

Dolby Atmos is an immersive sound technology that takes traditional surround sound to the next level. It creates a 3D audio experience that puts you right in the middle of the action, making you feel like you're part of the movie or game. The technology works by placing sound objects in a three-dimensional space, making the sound appear to come from all around you, including above and below. This creates a more realistic and immersive experience, making you feel like you're right in the middle of the action. Dolby Atmos has revolutionized the way we experience sound in movies, TV shows, and video games. It allows for a more dynamic and detailed sound experience, making even the smallest sounds come to life.

In this blog, we’re excited to share with you just how much Dolby Atmos has changed the game when it comes to audio in your media room.



As technology continues to evolve, more homeowners are looking to incorporate smart home automation and advanced audio solutions into their living spaces. For those in the Austin area, choosing the right home audio company can be overwhelming. With so many options available, how can you be sure you're making the right decision?

At AV Connect, we understand the importance of finding the perfect audio solution for your home. That's why we offer a demo room where you can listen to speakers and make an informed decision. 

In this blog, we'll share five tips to help you choose the right home audio company in Austin and explain why AV Connect stands out from the rest.



We all know that technology has been advancing at an unprecedented pace, and one area that has benefited from this progress is home automation. Smart home automation systems allow homeowners to have unprecedented control over their living spaces, enabling them to monitor and manage various devices from a single platform.

Imagine being able to control your lights, thermostat, security system, and even your entertainment system with just a few taps on your smartphone. Smart home automation makes this possible by integrating all these devices and systems into one easy-to-use platform. This technology is not just convenient, but it can also help homeowners save energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and increase the overall security of their homes.

In this blog, we will discuss how smart home automation can make your home, work with you, making your life easier and more comfortable.

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