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Professional AV Consultant & Installer in Austin, Texas

Experience Seamless Access to Your Preferred Entertainment without Compromising on Style.

Professional AV Consultants
& Installers in Austin, Texas

Experience Seamless Access to Your Preferred Entertainment without Compromising on Style.

Home Media

Dive into the Ultimate Home Entertainment Experience
  • Manage streaming services, turntables, and digital libraries effortlessly from a single device.
  • Maintain a tidy aesthetic with all equipment neatly stored in dedicated AV closets.
  • Integrate technology with custom mounts and architectural speakers designed to blend with your décor.

Home Theater

Premier Home Cinema Experience with Stunning Visuals and Sound
  • Watch your favorite films in 4K and 8K displays featuring exceptional color accuracy and deep blacks.
  • Engage fully with ultra-clear, lifelike surround sound that places you at the heart of the action.
  • Tailor your environment with integrated control of lighting, climate, and AV solutions for the perfect movie night.

Home Audio Distribution

Our AV Consultants Deliver Precise, High-Quality Sound with a Professional Home Audio Installation
  • Access your entire music library instantly with a sophisticated home audio distribution system.
  • Set the ideal mood for any gathering with rich, detailed sound throughout your Austin home.
  • Choose from in-ceiling, in-wall, and bookshelf speakers that complement your interior design.

Multi-room Video

Experience Unmatched Video Quality and Intuitive Control from our Home Entertainment Installers
  • Navigate your video system with ease using universal remotes or elegantly designed custom touchpads and keypads.
  • Access your preferred TV shows, movies, and sports anytime and anywhere.
  • Focus attention on your home’s aesthetics by discreetly locating AV components in designated closets.

High-Performance Audio-Video Integration

Achieve Masterful Sound with High-End Audio Installations
  • Experience powerful, crystal-clear audio through high-fidelity sound system integration.
  • Our AV consultants in Austin precisely tune each speaker to your room’s acoustics and your personal preferences.
  • Enhance your listening experience with custom acoustic treatments that minimize ambient noise.

Acoustical Treatments

Optimize Your Audio Experience with Professional Acoustical Treatments
  • Improve sound clarity and enjoy each detail of your audio with strategic sound treatments.
  • Absorb excess noise to fully engage with your media.
  • Contain sound within designated spaces to ensure privacy and uninterrupted enjoyment.

High-End Audio Visual Systems for Exceptional Entertainment

As an expert AV install company, AV Connect is here to help you craft beautiful, immersive entertainment spaces that blend high-performance installations with the aesthetics of your Austin-area home.
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