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Should You Go With a Professional Outdoor Installation?


Enjoy High-Quality Visuals Even in Direct Sunlight 

Do you dream of a backyard that's more than just a backyard? Imagine an outdoor space that doubles as a cinema or the ultimate sports bar. With a professional outdoor TV installation, that dream is easy to achieve. These aren't your average TVs—they're designed to bring your favorite shows and games to life outdoors, no matter what weather Austin, TX, throws their way.

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Why Outdoor TVs Are a Game Changer

Why drag a regular TV outside when you can have one made for the outdoors? Outdoor TVs like SunBrite and Samsung Terrace are tough enough to handle hot summers, cold winters, and even the occasional splash from the pool. They're super bright, too, so you can catch every touchdown or plot twist in broad daylight without squinting.

Meet the Stars: SunBrite and Samsung Terrace

SunBrite TVs are the MVPs for versatility, which is no surprise considering the company is solely focused on outdoor TVs. Whether your patio is bathed in sunlight or shaded, there's a SunBrite model that fits the bill.

Samsung Terrace TV boasts the ultimate video quality with its dazzling QLED display. Thanks to its smart anti-reflective technology, enjoy full HDR and 4K resolution with no glare. Plus, it's tough enough to laugh off a rain shower, making it a solid choice for any outdoor setup. 

Why You'll Want Professional Help

Setting up an outdoor TV isn't just about plugging it in and calling it a day. That's where we come in. We know all the ins and outs of installing these beauties, from the best viewing angles to connecting them to all your favorite entertainment. 

With the right TV and our expert installation, your backyard will be where everyone wants to be. To get started, give us a call or fill out our contact form

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