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5 Audio-Video Possibilities for Your Austin Home

An in-ceiling TV displaying a city skyline being lowered.

Discover Unique & Customized Home AV 

Are you ready to upgrade your home’s audio or video setup? Do you dream of something more than a regular TV or Bluetooth speaker? When you partner with an AV integrator like AV Connect, anything is possible. 

We don’t merely sell speakers or video displays—we install sophisticated, customized systems that blend seamlessly into your home’s interior. If you’re looking for something special or are simply curious about what we do, here are five ideas for an audio-video installation in your Austin home. 

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1. Complete Home Theater 

We aren’t just talking about a projector screen or ultra-large TV. We install professional home theaters complete with surround sound, 4K visuals, lighting control, luxury seating, and acoustic treatments. Once installed, your home theater’s AV will rival even AMC or Alamo Drafthouse. 

2. Whole-Home Audio 

Imagine your favorite songs, playlists, or podcasts flowing through the whole house. Multi-room speaker systems can play media in unison, so you can listen wherever you walk.  

3. Outdoor Entertainment 

High-end audio and video aren’t just for indoors.. Weatherproof speakers and TVs can endure all temperatures and weather, so your outdoor entertainment can stay mounted outside all year long. 

4. In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers  

If you’re interested in whole-home audio but aren’t keen on bulky speakers in every room, try hidden audio. We install speakers within the walls and ceilings with hidden wiring, so all you see is a flat speaker grille painted to blend in seamlessly. 

5. Hidden TVs 

Like hidden speakers, your TV can disappear into the ceiling, wall, or even floor when not in use. Tap a button, and a TV lift retracts your screen so it disappears. This can be a perfect solution for rooms with glass walls or tight spaces—or anyone who dislikes the appearance of a large, black rectangle. 

Start Your Audio-Video Installation in Austin 

Ready for superior home entertainment? Contact AV Connect in Austin, Texas, to discuss your home’s project today! 

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