Creating The Perfect Media Room For Your Business

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Does your company rely on multimedia presentations to attract and impress clients and other business associates? Imagine being able to impress visitors and employees alike with the kind of home entertainment and a multimedia room with the audio and video quality that matches modern home media rooms. At AV Connect, our team of industry specialists can perform an Austin media room installation at your office that provides professional-quality presentations for recreational and business applications.

AV Connect has grown with incredible advances in multimedia technology. Our skilled technicians specialize in commercial AV installation Austin businesses like yours use to show professional-quality content on the best equipment modern technology has to offer.


Even with the sleek and compact equipment and components provided by today’s technology, media room items can still take up a bit of space. The placement of power sources, large screens and monitors, and large, comfortable chairs must be carefully mapped out to maximize the use of your available space. Rooms with higher ceilings will provide better sound and better ambiance that will heighten the presentation value for your clients, customers, and employees.


Whether at home or at the office, the basic foundation of a media room is a large screen typically mounted in the center of the biggest wall. For business purposes and elaborate multimedia presentations, installing multiple screens will allow your flexibility and more dynamic production options.


Surround sound technology has revolutionized the modern home theater and media room experience. Systems for surround sound typically are comprised of five separate audio channels, plus a subwoofer:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Center
  • Right Surround
  • Left Surround


If you go to the trouble of setting up a media room at your business using the latest technological resources from the professionals at AV Connect, you will want to invest in large, comfortable, theater-style seats. Proper positioning of couches, loveseats, and individual chairs to provide the best viewing angle. Many of these kinds of luxury seating options have handy accessories and features like cup holders, recliners, slide-out trays, and seat warmers.


Multimedia technology advances at a rapid pace in today’s digital age. What was state-of-the-art just a few years ago is now antiquated compared to the latest modern equipment and presentation components. At AV Connect, our team of media specialists keeps up on the latest trends and features available on the market today. We will work with you to make your office Austin media room installation is stacked with the latest and best equipment and presentation technology.


AV Connect has compiled an impressive team of audio-visual experts that bring years of experience in residential and commercial AV installation Austin trusts. Professionally trained and experienced installers are fully certified for all manners of home theater. We are dedicated to building customer relationships through reliable, dependable, affordable products and services., and extraordinary customer service.


For complete information on our professional services for Austin media room installation at your office, contact AV Connect to have all of your questions answered and to get a free estimate on creating a state-of-the-art media room for business today.