How TV Technology Is Changing The TV Viewing Experience

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The invention of the television brought on a new revolution. Over the years, TV technology kept getting more and more advanced. In the beginning, your standard television was nothing but a black and white box. As time went on, it has turned into something bigger and sleeker. Nowadays, a lot more people are watching their televisions, all thanks to the latest viewing experience. In addition to television’s evolving technology, the way it is viewed has also changed quite a bit as time went on. People don’t have to rush back home in order to watch their favorite TV shows, since DVRs, streaming videos, recording technology, and on-demand services came into being.

Listed below are several factors that have contributed to the development of TV technology and how it has changed the TV viewing experience of others.



    With an abundance of streaming services to choose from, it is impossible to not find something that you will like. However, all of this won’t be possible without a good internet connection; one that is not only reliable but also fast. It is because of the internet that Network TV has become a reality.

    Moreover, all of the famous networks recommended the minimum speed in order to stream their videos online. Generally, you would need 2 Mbps of minimal bandwidth in order to watch a video with standard definition. For some streaming services, even 1 Mbps is enough, even though the image quality will be low and grainy. On the other hand, you would need an internet that comes with 15 Mbps speed in order to watch a video in 4K. Plus, if you want to watch a video in 4K then your television set should have the HEVC decoder, which is another new technology that has made 4K video streaming possible.


    The remote control has made watching television a lot easier. However, thanks to streaming services, this has completely changed. People don’t have to browse through channels endlessly in order to find something to watch. These days, people who are subscribed to online streaming services can just click on whichever TV show or movie they want to see, and they can do this at any time of the day.

    Back towards the early 2000s, TiVo was introduced. It was a digital video recorder that allowed people to record their favorite television shows in order to watch later. Soon enough, on-demand services came into the market. It was the high demand for these devices and services that changed the way one watched television. Some of the commercial-free shows they offered could only be accessed through certain subscription models.

    Moreover, the latest software and advancement in the smartphone has made the standard remote control obsolete. Every device comes with either their own remote or can be controlled through an app on the smartphone.


    Currently, Google Chromecast and Apple TV are highly popular; that too for a valid reason. Once connected with the television set, the user is introduced to numerous opportunities. For instance, any video can be streamed from YouTube onto the television through Google Chromecast.

    Moreover, once you install add-ons on your Google Chrome web browser, it becomes a lot easier to cast any website, movie, or TV show to the television. This option is great for someone who doesn’t own a smart TV. Plus, with this device, you are able to play multiplayer games on the television with your family and friends.

    On the other hand, Apple TV comes with its own benefits. You are able to stream your entire iTunes Store’s video content right on your television. Since everything is stored in the cloud, you don’t need to get additional storage. Moreover, you are able to stream music, photos, and videos through all of your iOS devices, thanks to the AirPlay feature. Plus, the user also gets a unique remote controller when they buy their Apple TV.


    Over-the-top services and applications have made the previous methods of distribution somehow obsolete. Through the OTT applications and services, the user receives the product through the internet, instead of through a distributor, like a cable or broadcast. This has significantly reduced the cost of the service, making it a lot more affordable for the people. This innovative technology is changing how the masses view television, and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon.


Digital marketing is what businesses use in order to promote their product or service through different types of electronic media, which mostly includes the internet. The businesses that have used digital marketing in order to promote their brand are already aware of all of its advantages, as compared to traditional marketing.

When it comes to digital marketing, different methods and channels are used in order to properly understand the present situation. Hence, different organizations are able to examine marketing campaigns in order to implement all of the necessary steps according to their needs. It does not matter what your business is selling, since digital marketing will work effectively in any industry. As compared to offline marketing, this method delivers much quicker results. Thanks to digital marketing’s interactive nature, the new strategies that the company uses are bound to bring in more customers in just a short time.

Furthermore, digital marketing can be used in order to improve the viewing experience of the people. There are several reasons that explain why digital marketing is a lot better as compared to TV commercial advertising.


    In order to run a commercial advertisement on television, a business needs to have a decently large budget. Usually, this budget includes things like editing, writing, the cost to shoot the ad, and more. In addition to that, the business would then need to pay various television channels in order to run their advert. Unfortunately, not every business is able to afford that, especially small businesses that are just starting out. This is where digital marketing can be more useful. It is a much more affordable option in order to promote your business to the target audience.


    It is crucial to have constant exposure when you are advertising your product or business. If you do end up shooting a TV commercial advertisement, it is not going to run for more than five to six months on different channels. Usually, TV commercial advertisements run for six months, maximum. The channel has to free up the advert space in order to run the commercial adverts of other brands. Plus, even though your TV adverts might reach a lot of people, but once it is no longer being played, then everyone will eventually forget about it. On the other hand, in the case of digital marketing, the whole thing is self-sustaining. Once your advertising campaign is done, the people who are interested can go to your business’s website in order to get more information about your brand.

    Furthermore, if your business’s target audience is in the younger range, like millennials, then using television adverts is of no use since the majority of today’s young people prefer the internet. Hence, digital marketing will be better suited for your business. Not only will this improve the viewing experience of your target audience, but they will also keep coming back for more. By using digital marketing, you can capture the interest of your audience much faster as compared to using television advertising.


    In the case of television’s commercial advertising, a brand is blindly advertising their content, while believing that it is perfect in every way and the audience is going to love it. Hence, there isn’t an opportunity to make any changes if needed, since it will be hard to see if people love your product/service or do they want to see changes made to it.

    However, when it comes to digital marketing, a business receives instant feedback on their products or services. Hence, they are able to change their product according to the likings of their customers. This ends up satisfying the customers and increasing their trust in the brand.

    Thanks to positive feedback, a product or service will sell a lot faster. People who are satisfied with your goods or services, they would share it with others; hence, more customers will come your way. This is all thanks to digital marketing, and its innovative ways to integrate itself into a business. With the commercial television adverts, it is difficult to give online feedback to a business, especially if they don’t have a website. Hence, through digital marketing, giving feedback to a business becomes a lot easier.


It was May 26th, 1927, when John Logie Baird demonstrated the first-ever television to the masses. Who knew the advancements that were about to come with the invention of this device, as the years passed by. However, the advancements do not stop here. It will be interesting to see the next step when it comes to TV technology and how it will further improve the viewing experience of the masses.