Lighting & Shades

Lighting & Shades Solutions

“By implementing a custom shading and lighting system in your home, you are in full control.  AV Connect offers tailored solutions focusing on energy efficiency, ambiance and security.  Each solution is designed around your lifestyle.  Control every light, or start with common areas and grow the system as needed.  When used together, lights and shades can simulate occupancy to provide peace of mind while you are away.” -AVC Team
The power to transform any space with light is now yours, at the touch of a button. Control the light and shade levels in a single room or throughout your whole home using a hand-held remote, wall-mounted keypad, tabletop control or smart phone.
Daylight has a quality that we respond to emotionally. Colors read true, finishes reveal their texture, and an uplifting quality pervades any room bathed in daylight. As we become more conscious of our footprint on this planet, we realize that making the most of daylight in our homes simply makes sense. Utilizing daylight reduces our need for artificial light, and saves energy. Lutron shading systems provide precision control of daylight – all at the touch of a button.